How Onsite Search Improves User Journey – Key Benefits

User enters on a site to satisfy some goal and experience user feel for this during one session is called user journey. In website design user journey is vital because it helps to think in new way for website structure and site functionality. User journey describes the success a website can achieve in conversion rate.

Corporate websites and businesses no mater small business or large but they keep user journey in mind while designing their SEO strategies to improve conversion optimization. Improving conversion optimization is a large picture and depends on many elements.

Today we are discussing one of them called “On-Site Search. In this article we discuss foremost benefits of onsite search and how onsite search help in improving user journey. We also discuss best utilization of onsite search for website.

Get a Search Bar

Users utilize on site search option on website has more chances to become a customer. One more benefit of on site search is it assist visitors who know what they are looking for and convert them in potential buyers.

Using auto suggestion onsite search bar of website give idea of related product that are not even thought by users. Search bar helps to fine tune SEO strategy of website as we are able to track data of search bar.

In addition, when user type in search bar and not get any results we get an idea and information about customer behavior. We could use this data in improving our SEO strategy for website and further fine tune website design for comfortable user journey. Best part of on-site search bar is it can be implemented with the best web design and development company which have enough experience of implementing it on a website.

Key Benefits of On-Site Search

Onsite search functionality can be a game changing for user journey of a website. Here is more in-depth understanding on foremost ways on-site search helps website.

On-Site Search Will Give Visitors What They Want

Every company has a goal to have a website design that provide best user journey and most efficient website to their future customers. For this companies require to understand what visitors of website are looking for.

Today it is well known that every visitor on website wants to visit website easily and quickly with beautiful look and feel. Few times back a survey is done on the functionalities visitors want on website and outcome is almost 60% visitors asked for enhanced onsite search as they believe implementing on-site search improves user journey and help to get their desired results fast.

In the era of smart phone visitors use on-site search while browsing a mobile device to get preferred products quickly and easily. Onsite search improves user journey and produce product findings faster than category navigation.

On-Site Search Can Increase Revenue of Company

There are several users who are not getting what they want through home page content of website or website navigation they may switch to other site but if they have option on onsite search bar they prefer to search in search bar to get a desired results, thus a company can reduce exit rate and drive visitors to their desired findings with ease.

With the help of onsite search suggestions companies offer some other related products so there is an increased chance is one user who want to switch over could buy something from related products in search bar suggestions also. And remember that a recent case study says that around 30% consumers performs onsite search.

But if onsite search is not properly implemented and not guiding users towards their desired page, product or services, maybe they are frustrated and switch to competitors website. So, it become a loss in revenue instead of increment. It is necessary to hire expert and seasoned web design and development company like Data Cross Solution which is having in-depth knowledge and good experience to handle on-site search bar.

If onsite search is effective a company would get more revenue comparatively website not having a search bar. Moreover, it is a fact that potential buyers and users who use on-site search bar are more likely to convert in customers and revisit company website with intent of buying a product.

Onsite Search Gives Leg Up on Competitors

If a company analyses the data available on the internet it would find that companies investing in onsite search functionality is getting edge over their competitors and able to provide more benefits for users of website.

Amazingly for 52% of companies onsite search is not part of their future strategy despite of several benefits due to lack of knowledge and experience. In other words, there are many competitors are there who are not having enough idea about onsite search and not provide customers what they want.

In other scenario, more than 70% ecommerce search implementations are not able to provide relevant results back to customers. So, if companies invest now in onsite search implementation, they would get significant advantage over competitors.

On-Site Search Leads Towards Valuable Insights Through Analytical Research

Every company doing online business should understand the power of analytics to grow their business. On-site search could help companies in evaluating on-site search results. Key questions like What potential customers are searching for? how to use these results to improve product strategy? How often users get a “zero result” page? what exactly consumers need when they left without any answer? etc. and these questions helps to improve user journey using analytics. Utilize Google analytics to understand on-site search results and get crucial insights through data driven analysis.


Discussion on the benefits of onsite search is endless with many other benefits but few key benefits of onsite search is discussed here in this article. This is how onsite search improves user journey for online customers and consumers. As a best web design and development company we are always open to discuss and implement onsite search on company website.

Just Contact us and our experienced resources would answer all your queries and find a best possible way to implement onsite search on your website. Our resources are working with complete dedication to maximize benefits of onsite search and improve user journey through effective onsite search.

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