Vision and Customs

Data Cross Solution has designed and developed a style of working with time bound systems and team working scheduled. It aims to be a young organization where persons are motivated to think for an out of box solution, use it and develop their own logical thinking ability that helps company at the end. Company treats fresher and trainees as a future knowledge builder, those who will work with emerging technologies today to become an expert of that tomorrow and become real assets of Data Cross and global market.

Though providing maximum flexibility to its personnel Data Cross has total focus on quality management and time bound processes, un-relying on cost and size of any project that is to be completed by DCS.

Data cross retains the skilled software professional having excellent grasping power and in-depth knowledge of variety of software tools on various operating platforms.

Core Values

core values

Data Cross Solution belives to work with values and expect the same from its employees, Employees of Data Cross Solution are the valuable assets of company that helped DCS to reach a standard. We believe quality of our Services & Solutions, because we believe our people.

Data Cross Solution Believes in....

  • Achieve the Excellence
  • Work First, Keep Going & Focus the Result
  • Be Satisfied & Provide Satisfaction
  • Respect Others, Respect Self
  • Enjoy the Work


Data Cross Solution works with fully planned and developed processes by combining knowledge, technology and skilled software developers.

DCS is determined to participate the next generation development of IT services & solutions and software development projects to achieve business objectives by carefully managing resources and meeting aggressive targets by applying standard project management process, as a part of its vision to gradually reach and compete in the global market for outsourcing work that includes all IT enabled work, custom software development, custom programming, website designing & website development, business process outsourcing services, IT consulting service and management consulting service as an area of additional expertise.

DCS has tied up with number of technology consultants and professional groups working in same and various other fields, running leading industries in their profession. These professionals and work groups not only work with DCS but, continuously provide their guidance to staff and to process of software development and projects those are being handled by DCS team.

Data Cross is continually expanding its professional team in such a way that can acquire the required results.