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quality process

Data Cross Solution is determined to achieve the excellence, and for this most important thing is the quality policy of the Data Cross Solution. For DCS Quality does not only means, meeting specifications, but Quality for any of the project that we undertake, is targeted to achieve 100% customer satisfaction; because this is the way how we can develop and maintain a positive relationship with them. For our quality maintenance we have developed quality processes that contributes to our project success.

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Quality Requirements

Here we include, level of quality, that is required by the user, and which one is actually acceptable for the project. combining this two, we reach to a "project standard" which is then maintained through out the project life cycle. Quality milestones are also defined here, to review the quality of the outsourcing project at different levels.

Creating Quality Monitors

Next step is that we define quality monitor, for each software or project we received for the offshore or outsourcing development. this monitor constantly communicate with the client, wherever the smallest intervene is required for user satisfaction.

Quality Milestones

This is the step, which is taken at every different steps defined in the quality requirements, to maintain quality and modify the errors those occurred till now. this becomes a constant correction and leaves no place for erroneous result at the end. Even though, we have kept process of testing & modification to our methodology for developing the IT projects.

We strive to attain highest level of quality by constantly interacting with customer, providing timely delivery of results required, which are error free and ready to use. we achieve our quality by our work environment and a quality culture that is constantly inspiring our team, to have in-depth knowledge of the project and how user is going to be benefited by the outcome of the project.

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