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Software development is a highly technical job. To develop a software requires time, skilled human resource and other expensive resources in terms of raw applications, research material, expensive equipments etc. Off shore development is an agreement between the client and development company to develop and provide the client’s software need and in return client will pay for according the charges.

In short, offshore development is the outsourcing of software development services to an outsider company. In this process an overseas client gets benefits of quality product, saving of time and resources and low cost development. More the client can focus it’s core business and even then it gets a cost effective solution, in alternative to developing the software in-house, where it requires lot of time, processes, skills and all these diverts the attention from core business.

When you outsource your IT projects with Data Cross Solution, it is a faith of yours in DCS, which we maintain by providing you professional culture of working with success. Here at DCS, we provide Reduced HR Cost, Reduced Development Cost, Access to pool of skilled professionals for latest technologies, our knowledge and expertise to work on, and all this takes to "Advantage You". We remain to help you grow more and more, maximum as possible.

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