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Rapid application development and rapid software development has remain the key solution for the years and will remain for coming years too. Though the custom application development are increasing at an unexpected pace, desktop applications are still in for the use of comfort without need of internet and so low risked to virus threats that come from the internet and also for security of your most important data.

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Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are developed to run directly from your computer, the application and the data inserted to the application both lies on your computer, so it could be accessible to only those who have access to your computer. And some password secured applications can restrict that too. Applications working from and on single computer are called stand alone database application that does not allow network computers to access the application and related data. DCS can give you custom stand alone application according to your need and preferences.

Client-Server Application Development

Another type of database application development service is client server application. It is almost same as in function to stand alone desktop applications but software development architecture is different then that of the desktop applications. In, client server applications, application can be setup and accessed through the network of computers. In this type of development architecture one needs a good server for application and data storage and the other computers can access it through network. Client server application is useful when more then one users are to interact with data and application on the same time.

Enterprise Application Development

When you go for enterprise application development with DCS, you are selecting the right service provider for your application development need. Enterprise application ties almost all of your organizational activities with help of information technology. An Enterprise application for a manufacturing or production company can cover up activities like tender management, P.O. generation and receiving, Main store and sub store management, Inventory management, Production, Marketing & Sales division, Accounting, HR and Payroll management etc. to create an effective Management Information System and generate valuable MIS Reports to take your company or organization to the path of growth and success.

If your organization is small scaled unit you can start with locally administered enterprise rapid application development and if your organization is wide spread across the world or nation you can take our services to develop online enterprise application. To start your rapid software development work now - Contact us here...