Software Development Methodology - Software Project Life Cycle

Application Development Life cycle is the base of success for software development and web development or any IT enabled project. We follow the steps of defining work scope, requirement analysis, project planning, application development, testing & modification, project delivery and establishing support & maintenance for the successful completion of the project.

Define Workscope

The very fist phase of the complete software development life cycle is to define work scope for determining what would be done in broad way at the end of the project. Process of defining workscope creates the first mile stone of the complete project and it is very important for determining whether the project comes under the scope of work and whether we would be able to deliver the project in time with our resources.

Process of the first step is started by working on primary project analysis and estimating the resource requirements to determine a bird view of project work and project time. This helps to start securing required resources before beginning the actual work process that ultimately results in a safe project development environment.

Analysis & Planning

Customer requirement analysis is aimed to define the required functionality, environment and user interface of the project. This stage includes drafting and review of preliminary software specification, preliminary budget analysis and most important among them is to develop delivery schedules and secure required resources for the project.

Project planning develops the final base for software development. Proper planning helps to protect complex and large projects being deviated from the core objective of the project. Accurate & proper project planning provides one more way to re-analyze the risks involved at different stages and helps to re-evaluate priorities, solutions decided, previous cost estimation and resources secured. At the end, this stage draws a clear guideline of project development that includes review stages and issues that can occur, milestones and deadlines and a clear view of time and cost that will be spent during the project. Constant interaction with customer during this stage helps customer and DCS both to develop project as required, in means of time and budget.

Development & Modifications

Software development integrates design and development to accelerate the progress. Logical processes and innovative thinking helps this stage to complete according to standards developed and defined for the project. We start with approved functional specification, identify architecture, develop prototypes and required development standards such as GUI standards and business rules etc. to support the development of the code that is going to be developed during this stage.

At DCS we develop a software project as decided in the planning stage. We use our experts and researchers for customers benefit for the means of future needs, technological advancement, strategic stepping and a win-win situation for our customer and our customer’s customer, and we can do it as we try to interact with our customers maximum as possible and incorporate their views at every stage.

Well planned and organized testing process is the key to success for any software to success real time. When, people believe testing as a bug removal tool, we use it not only as a bug removal tool but also, utilize the process to make most user friendly GUI environment development.

We organize a strategic test plan, that test back end processes, front end interfaces, unit testing, functional testing, user friendliness testing. We use our project planning documents, functional specifications and other documents used during the development & project planning stage to carry out comprehensive testing process that leads us to a successful completion of our software development projects.

Project Delivery

We deliver only successful solution and for that, we strictly follow the delivery method identified for each specific project. This includes delivery standards, proper delivery approach, and required deliverables to the customer. Constant client interaction and following standard procedures, moves to an easy step when it comes to time of delivery of the project. Due to proper planning and organized implementation, we challenge to deliver on time, in budget, satisfactory results to our customer.

Maintenance & Support

At Data Cross we constantly update and upgrade our knowledge and technology skills to synchronize and lead in competitive and progressive edge of development. Our research experts constantly work to enhance the application features and functionality that can provide more interactive and user friendly system for integrity and long term usability.

We believe in an error proof solution delivery that saves DCS and its customer from after delivery crisis that is normal to occur in unplanned, unorganized development of the project. Here we try to enhance benefits to our customers, during development and after development and we guarantee, our zero bug solution, and even though, in worse conditions, we remain for any assistance required by our customer.

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