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Useful Web App Development Technologies for Businesses

Post COVID19 situation is far different from before, in 2020 use of digital platform is increased. Web app development is not left behind in this race. This is a highly competitive market since long but now a day’s use of latest web app development technologies increased the competition.

In 2020, COVID19 left a big foot print on businesses and therefore it is important for every business to predict the change in technology and more important for them is to learn how to adopt these new technology for their business growth.

Popular Trends in Web App Development Technologies

Web app development makes business function easy if it would be implemented properly and developed with relative technology. It gives edge in this competitive business world. Below are the trends in post COVID19 situation of 2020 that arm every business web application.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps technology draws attention because of its potential to provide high-quality user-experiences like native apps. In past year ecommerce gain a lot and nearly 65% orders completed through mobile devices and there for demand of best mobile app development company is increased.

With this other behavior is noticed that users view their favorite website on a mobile browser or desktop without downloading special applications. Progressive web apps helps a lot in this. It will be written with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. Progressive web applications are able to provide push notifications and facilitate users to get offline access of cached contents along with the great user experience.

Progressive web applications are fruitful for Ecommerce companies, news portals, company with the low development budgets and many other companies who don’t want to lose large audience on app downloading stage.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated mobile pages are used to increase the page performance and reduce the risk of leaving it by user. It is bit similar technology to progressing web apps but in this pages are just accelerated with the open source plug-in developed by Google and twitter.

AMPs are optimized web pages that could operate fast and have a simplified but still having convenient design with basic features compared to full-scope web products.

Internet is become more user oriented with the new trends like accelerated mobile pages in website design and development. Although every brand chooses to develop native apps accelerated mobile pages facilitate to save costs on User Experience and allow them to reach users on any internet speed.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Nowadays all are surfing and searching on high speed internets so it is not necessary to stick on an approach where a action made on the page like clicks on various buttons leads to one more web page downloaded from a server.

Single page application is one the rising trends that avoid seamless communication with server and show a better page performance. Due to rise in use of JavaScript frameworks single page applications become more popular. Google pages like Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Maps, as well as social networking platforms like Facebook are the example of use of single page applications.

This web app development technology helps to get instant feedback, also consume less and could work without server side code at all. These are the popular reason why developers using it in 2020. Current web app development technology trends observation makes it clear that in future most functional websites will be constructed as single page applications as it have more chances to hold users’ attention because of fast operating.

Mobile First Development

In 2020, specially in post COVID19 situation we observed that use of mobile devices is increased then regular personal computers. As mobile devises and tablets generates nearly 54% internet traffic. So, it is but obvious that web app development is more about small mobile screens than horizontally-oriented desktops.

Mobile first development is a concept in which companies think about mobile screen and mobile hardware more and facilitate users to start with light, usually minimalistic, and intuitive product that is easy to interact using mobile.    

Latest web design ideas contains use triggers with mobile-oriented call to action (for example, online calls), use vivid colors, simple geometric shapes, contrasting color schemes, and illustrations. Mobile first development is also a search engine friendly as since 2018 Google has started to prioritize mobile first websites.

Responsive Website Design

Although concept was born 5 years ago, you just can’t avoid responsive website design in 2020. Recently with every hour mobile search is increasing which means that web developers and website designers should put extra efforts into creating final version may be the should made in two formats – desktop and mobile.

There are 3 easy options to reduce efforts

  • Develop either mobile first website and adopt it in to desktop
  • Create mobile friendly website that looks same on mobile and desktop.
  • Invest in responsive web design

In recent scenario responsive web design approach gains a significant attention. The reason why every company needs mobile user-friendly website is that it is the only way to get the right indexing from the search engine. And proper indexing influences your competitiveness.

Conclusion It is easy to gain benefits of web app development technologies with companies like Data Cross Solution, working in the field from many years. Use of latest technology and cutting edge tools always benefits a business at least little more and puts your company ahead in competitive edge. Contact us to discuss more and our experts will get back to you with detailed insights that increase the growth of business at the end of discussion.

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