Increase User Retention of Mobile Game

Retain Users of Your Mobile Games: Simple Tips

In mobile gaming lifecycle retaining users is important and it is not a hidden factor. Users interest in playing games define success of your mobile game. Happy gamers are key for your next mobile game marketing. Obviously attracting old gamers is easy and less expensive in compare to old mobile gamer.

Now question arise how to retain mobile games users as effectively as possible. Contact us to know more about quality mobile game development. Here we have discussed simple tips for retention of mobile game users for long term good business.

Technical Quality Matters are on Top

Technical problems and bugs are one of the largest barrier for user engagement. Users loose interest quickly because of bugs and other technical problems. Small error in a game or higher loading time encourage game players to loose interest in long term.

If you need a downtime to improve mobile game, then send alert to user first and notify once downtime is over to bring user back to mobile game. When games keep freezing, crashing or increased load time annoys user and affect review score. Find out technical problem and inspire development team to resolve it on priority. High load time is more dangerous so reduce load time as top priority issue.

Technical quality of game may seems like a small thing but questions you capability to handle and run proficient games.

Social Interactions Plays Vital Role

Farmville, Can Crush Saga or invites to join crime city are the examples of social interactions that no longer cut the mustard. Don’t spam in social media we are out of that phase now find our meaning full way of social interactions.

While working on ways of social interactions don’t just work on viral acquisition channel but work on in-game social interaction that strengthen players experience. Multiplayer experience, sacrificing ranking score, encouraging regular play as you climb the ladder etc. are popular and good examples for increasing social interactions.

Integrate mobile game with popular social networks and best utilize it to improve mobile game experience but don’t use social network for spam marketing it will not help in long run.

Regular Updates Boost Player Engagement

Success of “Game as Services” is derived at the time when players of your mobile game want more. Releasing updates and add-ons on regular basis keep mobile game fresh. Length of time, increasing of level caps, new cars, new armor, new weapons, new levels etc. are most effective and engaging ways to update your mobile game retain user. Seasonal offerings also increase user retention.

Update features and contents regularly depending on the game flow and basic story as if you don’t update your game sooner later players get bored. To keep them engaged and interested release updates, add-ons and freshen-up contents.

Don’t Initiate Retaliatory Pay Walls

Execute monetization approach sensibly and get genuine ROI from your mobile game. Initiating pay wall in early stages of player engagement will kills user retention and player engagement both. It is obvious that you want to make money from your mobile game but aggressive marketing tricks can lead you towards high criticism, broken player engagement and damage your mobile games basic prospect.

Find out win-win situation for you and mobile game player and a way that help to monetize you but reward your players also this will help you to retain users of your mobile game for long time.

Reward Loyalty

Make users special who are loyal to your game and promoting your mobile game with rewards. You need to find most rewarding way for loyal users of mobile game and decision to reward loyalty makes a lot of sense. This is most easy and convenient way of mobile game for user retention. You could also offer point rewards that can be saved and redeemed for small items or discounts off bigger items.


We can HelpRetention of mobile game user and player is ongoing process and needs regular work to make game more successful. Mobile game app development company like Data Cross Solution can help you a lot in this. As an experienced mobile game development company with list of satisfied clients across the world we understand that mobile game development is not only matter of entertainment but it requires creativity also to engage users. Contact us for free quote and more details about our mobile game development services.

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