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Why Keeping WordPress Website Up to Date is Important?

“WordPress X.X.X is available! Please update now” is a message displayed on the top of the dashboard is common for every WordPress website owner, for example “Wordpress 4.2.2 is available”, “Wordpress 4.2.1 is available”, “Wordpress 4.2.0 is available”, “Wordpress 3.0.0 is available”, “Wordpress 2.0.0 is available”. Every one having website built in WordPress always thinks if it is necessary to update WordPress and if yes than what are the reasons to keep WordPress website up to date.

Why WordPress Update?

The creator of WordPress constantly working to improve WordPress CMS and for that they are rolling out new updates regularly. Range of changes in WordPress updates include complete interface to simple and unnoticed functional tweaks. Basically common WordPress updates are for:

Security Updates:

WordPress is a widely used and one of the most popular CMS and there for it is a soft target of hackers. Once hackers enter to your WordPress website from back door they can inject malicious code into website. WordPress rolls out new security updates and thus ensure any website built with WordPress not compromised. This is  one of the important reasons, why experienced and Expert WordPress developers recommend to keep WordPress website up to date.

Bug Fixes

Testing with in depth process also some time not able to prevent bugs in a code, however they are not major ones. WordPress constantly work on fixing the issues to keep WordPress up to date and bug free. Every release of new version always resolves bugs of last update. This is also a common but good reason to update existing WordPress website.

Additional Functionality and New Features

In order to improve over all experience, WordPress adds new features and functionality. As popularity and size grows, users demands new features and functionality and that is combined in a new update to keep WordPress website up to date.

Can I Update WordPress Website on My Own?

Everyone always think that if we can update WordPress website by our own, we should save a bit cost of WordPress development services provider. Obviously as WordPress CMS, process to keep WordPress website is also a simple and easy. But sometimes when you click on update button major damage may be done to your website not because of WordPress. Few reasons of this are as below:

  • Outdated third party plug-in or plug-in with the faulty code that doesn’t match with the latest update of WordPress changes
  • Currently active WordPress website theme has few old functions active which are not supported now
  • Current WordPress version is very old and well behind latest WordPress version
  • WordPress customization done to modify code files to get elegant custom look and enhanced custom functionality
  • Server configuration does not allow proper file permissions for your WordPress installation

Before updating WordPress website by self, consider technical knowledge of wordpress to resolve all potential possible errors. If you have any question in your mind regarding to keep update WordPress website, best solution is to ask for help of professionals as it is necessary and extremely helpful for website to install regular WordPress updates.

We can HelpData Cross Solution (DCS) is an experienced company with list of satisfied clients. We can diagnose the current health of your WordPress website, and create a well versed execution plan to keep WordPress website updated. Especially when website is large, uptime is necessary, website having custom functionality we can help you to avoid hacking and allows you to enjoy more stability and new features, just send requirements to us.

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