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With the general observation, you can see that while some one surfing on the web, How many devices do people use? How often people use mobile handheld devices instead of desktop PC or laptop? Even you prefer to surf on mobile handheld device to search, and not you various study say mobile is taking over in surfing, checking social media sites, email checking, online shopping and many more activities previously done on desktop or laptop.

Although, which one from responsive web designs or separate mobile site is good is a big question of discussion. Both the options have their pros and cons but most preferred option is responsive web design due to various benefits as responsive web design can handle both kind of users.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Before few years, businesses are creating separate mobile websites and user expects same browsing experience on smart phones which they are getting on desktop but now creating an effective online presence requires robust and flexible web design, known as responsive web design.

A responsive web design is a simple and stunning websites designed and developed in a way that all the content, images and website structure remains the same for any devices either desktop, laptop or smart phones and hand held devices. It means site user is accessing on desktop with complete features can fit to smaller screens of smart phones or tablets etc. with all that same features. Isn’t this amazing, This happens with the help of responsive web design.

Compatibility with smart phone mobiles and other hand held devices is no longer optional—it’s a necessity.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

10 Reasons Why Business Needs Responsive Web Design?

There are some important reasons why businesses looking for responsive web design services for their website. We have discussed few reasons as below:

Mobile Usage is Increasing

Mobile usage is increasing day by day and these does not require any insights it is clear thing we can see with our eyes of course with the open eyes that people around us are always on mobile. However there are businesses yet to pick this trend and market both. Responsive web design helps them to do so.

Future Proofing

Responsive web design services build websites that fits across all the multitude of existing smart phone mobile and handheld devisees currently available in the market and it is a safe bet it will for considerable time to come.

User Experience

Success of website is not only depends on contents and many other things one of this things is user experience. Optimizing user experience for any devices can be done with the responsive web design. Professional responsive web design services provide optimal use experience for every available device. No scrolling – No resizing is needed for any visitor to access your website from their favorite device.

Highly Flexible

Responsive web design services develop fluid websites that means content and images freely across the all mobile devices and screen resolutions. Here both grids and contents are fluid. Responsive web design retains appearance of the website on any device screen.

Recommended by Google


These days Google reward mobile friendly website. If website is not properly visible in mobile devices bounce rate from mobile increases that clearly indicates unhappy visitors. Google also suggest responsive web design as it is easy for users to share, interact or link content from single website then separate websites. So Google and businesses both have benefits of responsive web design.

One Website, Many Devices

One of the most pleasing reason for having responsive web design is you need to have only one website and that work on each and every device either mobile or desktop. Responsive web design also visible across all screen resolutions as discussed in use experience.

Easier to Manage

Separate websites means everything should be separate including marketing campaign, promotional strategy etc. Think if you are running small business or local business how much headache you take for managing. While responsive web design helps to manage it easily with single website.

Improve Conversion Rates

Responsive web design services helps to build an optimized and consistent website with better user experience. It is more likely that end user of your website engaged more with your website and avoids going somewhere else. Thus conversion rate and sales also improves.

Cost Effective

Responsive web design enables you to follow unified approach for promotion, website management, upgrading websites, maintenance and support. This allows you to allocate single budget for single website. That not only saves cost but it helps a lot in saving of time and effort.

Stay Ahead in Competition

In every business you need to reach more potential customers to help them to purchase from your site or provide services they are looking for. If they are on mobile, there is a chance you competitors are already reaching or trying to reach them. Through responsive web design you can overcome this challenge put you ahead in the competition by reaching more potential customers.

A Key Feature of the Responsive Web Design is Convenience

We can Help

Data Cross Solution (DCS) is a recognized responsive web design company believes responsive web design is not at all trend now it is important and necessary for every business. So that DCS offering includes stunning responsive web design services for optimized user experience, platform independent reach to potential customer with cost effective time saving advantage. Get in touch with us and we will surely help you to stay ahead in the game.

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